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Mark and his family receive great dental care in Manhattan and Brooklyn, where Dr. Benjamin performs dental implants, root canal therapy, routine cleanings and cavity fillings.

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MARC: I live in Brooklyn and I work in Manhattan, so it works great for me is it’s very local in the city. I’m five minutes away. I do it on my lunch hour. I’m in. I’m out. You know, I’m back in my office before my lunch is done so it works great for me. My wife and kids are in Brooklyn, you know. They go to school in Brooklyn and they don’t need to come to Manhattan but what’s great is they have the Brooklyn office. So they’re there regularly. My mother is there regularly. She’s had an implant done. Loves it. Tells me all the time. Dr. Benjamin, gentile, great touch, soft hands. My mother needed an implant. Done. He took care of the paperwork. My wife needed a root canal. Done. My kids come in regularly, cavities, cleanings. I come in regularly, you know, cavities, cleanings. It’s the easiest thing. One doctor takes care of it all. It’s a one stop. The whole family gets done. I really rarely need to get involved and it works for everybody.

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