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Since 2000, Larisa has received routine cleanings, teeth whitening treatments, dental crowns and dental implants at Dr. Benjamin's New York practice.

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LARISA: I’ve been coming here since 2000 and I’ve had done a lot of things, starting with bleaching, regular cleaning and caps as well as implants. I had a cap that was on my tooth and one day there was something that was done previously by a different doctor and one day I felt a little movement on my front tooth and the minute I felt that uncomfortable movement I called Dr. Benjamin and he was able to squeeze me in and he was able to make an appointment for me. His first recommendation was that this tooth has no chances and this tooth sooner or later is going to end up breaking because the way the root canal was done previously was an issue. And sooner or later it would just break. Can you imagine a woman walking down the street without a front tooth? This gave--Dr. Benjamin gave me two options. Option one was getting a bridge and option two was putting in the implant. I asked one question. I said if you would be me, what would you do? Because I’m not a professional when it comes to dentistry and I’d like to ask a professional what his recommendation would be. He said to me, if it would be me, I would definitely go for implant. It’s a longer process but at the end--those were exactly his words--that this will be the strongest tooth in your mouth and that’s exactly what it is today. They were able to match the cap exactly to the previously done caps and I smile very open and very widely and people would never, ever think that the top four teeth in my mouth are not real and the result is fantastic.

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