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A Life Long Patient


Marina has been a patient of Dr. Benjamin's since childhood, and continues to travel to his New York cosmetic dentistry practice from Princeton, New Jersey.

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MARINA: Dr. Benjamin was, indeed, my very first dentist. I came here for the first time when I was about seven or eight for a check up and I had my cavities filled and since then they’ve taught me proper oral hygiene and I come in for biannual cleanings and my teeth are bright, white and sparkling. I have never met a more child friendly staff in my life. The dental hygienist is very outgoing, smiles a lot, and makes sure she talks to the child in a way that they can understand. She soothes them, does not make it a frightening experience. The same definitely applies for Dr. Benjamin. He is very charismatic, very kind, very caring with the children, makes them feel comfortable, takes them in and makes sure they have a positive experience instead of fearing the dentist. I’m a student at Princeton University, about to begin my junior year and there’s plenty of dentists in Princeton but I always make sure to come here to have my cleanings and to have my check ups because it really is worth the time and the effort to take New Jersey transit out here, because the staff has become like a family to me. Dr. Benjamin is like a loving uncle and I wouldn’t have it any other way than to come out here.

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