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At All American Smile Dental Studios, located in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the warm and welcoming staff makes patients feel at home.

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DR. BENJAMIN: I like to feel that this is my home and I like to make sure that everybody else who comes in here or even works in here feels that this is a home. LANA SHUSTER: This office is one big family. That’s it. It’s one big friendly family. MESHANA ALVES: I’m the first person the new patient or any patient sees. I take them into the room, set them up, make sure everything is stocked and ready to go and each procedure is set up. My goal is pretty much to make the doctor’s job as easy as possible and make sure everything is in order so once we get into procedures or surgeries it’s easy for him to access stuff and for me to also assist him. CONNIE SCHOENBERG: The closeness that everyone shares here within the office, which certainly kind of reaches out to our patients. I want patients to feel comfortable. I think that to me that’s a priority and it’s reassuring to a patient when they first walk in the door to have that comfortable feeling.

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