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As a New York dentist specializing in root canal therapy, Dr. Davis performs endodontic procedures quickly and with minimal pain.

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DR. DAVIS: I come in specifically to do all of Dr. Benjamin’s root canals. If he has any complicated cases I’m there to help. I was trained at NYU for two years and basically we had to do 200 root canals to graduate. So you can understand how much more specialized I am than somebody else. A typical dentist will do maybe one or two root canals a day whereas I can do eight to ten a day and the other thing is because I’ve done so many root canals I can also do it much faster and I also know how to inject with anesthesia to make the procedure more painless than somebody else who hasn’t done as many. I also can do more complicated cases with blocked canals, canals that are calcified, patients that have trouble getting numb through the anesthesia.

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