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Dr. State's childhood experience created her love for dentistry, and she remains passionate about serving patients throughout New York at All American Smile Dental Studio.

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DR. STATE: I love dentistry. Dentistry is like my passion. I was a patient from being really young and then I said like how can I help other people the way I was helped and how can I provide services and this is--this was for me. First of all, I love this place. I worked before Dr. Benjamin. I worked for him like eight years ago. I was a dental assistant here. This was my first job in the United States. I came here as a foreign trained dentist and Dr. Benjamin offered me the opportunity to see how is dentistry in the United States. So I work with him. I love it. I went back to school. I went to NYU and I got my diploma here and I came back to work with Dr. Benjamin. It’s awesome. It’s awesome to do in life what you love. When you see people leaving with a smile on their face, that’s the most important. That’s the most gratifying thing.

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