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As a general dentist, Dr. Bemis performs routine cleanings, educates patients, and helps people realize that dentistry is nothing to fear.

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DR. BEMIS: I love dentistry for the patients. I love meeting people. I love helping people. I like obtaining the smile on someone’s face when they’re all done and they’ve realized that maybe their fears of dentistry or that their--they didn’t know a lot about what was going on but when they come here and we can educate them and we can show them what’s going on, I love the satisfaction on the patient’s face when they realize that dentistry isn’t something to be scared of, isn’t something that’s foreign to them that they can’t attain. My role here is that I’m a general dentist. I’m typically the first doctor that a patient will see when they come in for an initial exam. Typically the initial exam will involve a full set of x-rays which is invaluable to a patient’s health; typically a nice cleaning with the hygienist. I like to spend my time on the first appointments going through the x-rays one by one, putting them up on a computer screen in a nice big image, so the patient can see. I like to go through and show what a healthy tooth looks like and what a cavity might look like and I like to bring the patients into the process like that and educate them so they’re also part of the deal.

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