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Cosmetic dentist Maurice Benjamin is passionate about keeping up with the latest dental technology in order to provide patients with the best possible results.

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DR. BENJAMIN: I went to NYU undergraduate. I had a BS degree in chemistry. Following that I went to NYU Dental School and that’s where I finished my--I have my dental degree. Following dental school in the 80s I started pursuing my implant studies, which have been continuing ever since, because it’s a continually growing field and that’s my focus area. Dentistry is a field that’s continually growing and you know innovations are in all the time. One has to keep up with the newest technologies in order to give the patient the best possible result and making it easier and easier as time goes because that’s what technology does. I believe that when I do something you have to do it the best you can. In anything I do, whether I’m playing tennis or whatever. Definitely at my work I make sure that I’m giving my patient the best they can get and using the most proven technologies that can help me achieve what I’m trying to achieve.

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