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The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry


Because learning good oral hygiene in childhood can create healthy habits for life, All American Dental Studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan offer knowledgeable and caring pediatric dentistry.

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DR. STATE: Kids who don’t come early to the dentist, they could have a lot of problems. Like they come in their twenties and they already--they come to the dentist and you see like twenty cavities down the road and they don’t even know how to floss. They never floss. They’re - - their life and they don’t know how to brush properly, which is very important. Good oral care is important from the early age, from the baby teeth, because if you do not take care of your teeth it’s going to--it’s going to influence you the rest of your life. You’re going to have more problems, more complications down the road. LANA SHUSTER: Dentistry for children is very important aspect of the patient’s life because whatever children learn from the very young ages, like one, two years old, that’s what they will carry all their life. That’s why every time I see the patient in the chair I emphasize it to the parents as well as the patient, little child, whatever you learn to do now, how well you take care of your teeth today, that’s how you will go through all your life. I’m emphasizing to the patients, please make sure you bring your kids every six months. Please make sure you floss your teeth. You teach them how to take care as well as I do that. Otherwise, you know, if kids don’t get that experience from the early age, in the later stage of their life it’s going to be a problem. Our kids love coming to the dentist. With kids, with extreme patients we try to play with them. We explain that we’re going to count their teeth to see how well their teeth are doing, how many teeth they have. They love counting. They’re absolutely comfortable and they love coming to the office.

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