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Root Canal Therapy


At All American Smile Dental Studios in New York, Dr. Davis ensures that root canal therapy is as comfortable as possible.

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DR. DAVIS: Someone will know if they need a root canal if they’re in a lot of pain. Usually it’s spontaneous pain, throbbing during the night. They have sensitivity to hot and cold, sensitivity when they’re biting down, maybe chewing on food. Usually it keeps them up all night long, so I get a lot of emergency calls to come in and see patients when they’re in a lot of pain. Patients who are experiencing those symptoms would come in here to see me. First I would diagnose the case and make sure they need a root canal. If that’s the case, then we would go in and do the root canal procedure. I would explain to the patient all the steps in the root canal procedure so that they feel comfortable and make sure they understand everything that’s going to go on and how long it takes and what the symptoms are after the procedure as well. The root canals are for patients who want to save their natural tooth. The other option is extraction. Nowadays, most patients want to keep their tooth as long as they possibly can, so normally this is the best option first for patients. Usually the procedure takes one or two visits. I could do it in about an hour or two hours, but that’s not the most important. It’s basically the most important is to eliminate the pain for the person. At the end of the day, most patients are very happy that it’s not as painful as they expected. Also, they get to save their natural tooth, which is always the best option.

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