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With Invisalign® invisible braces, patients of Dr. Benjamin's New York practices are able to subtly straighten their smiles within one year.

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DR. BENJAMIN: Invisalign is a form of braces. Whereas in the past people had to--if they wanted to straighten their teeth they had to put the typical wire braces, which nobody really liked. Nowadays, with technology, there is a way to do it in most cases with this Invisalign technology, which is basically the process of taking some measurements and pictures and through a computer treatment plan the case to see how it would actually look like. So we can actually show the patient how it will look like when it’s finished, before we even do the series and then from that, the Invisalign company can--they can fabricate trays that the patient changes every two weeks. So instead of going to the orthodontist you just take a tray out, put a new one in and you’ve gone to the next step. The nice thing about it is that a lot of people you probably know are wearing them and you just don’t know about it. Invisalign usually, in general, will go from six months up to a year and a half, sometimes two years, depending on the case. In most of the cases, within a year, treatment is almost done.

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