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Dental Implants


Dr. Benjamin's expertise with dental implants, the most advanced and realistic tooth replacements available, results in beautiful smiles for patients at his Brooklyn and Manhattan practices.

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DR. BENJAMIN: Implant dentistry is--I like to call it the miracle of the last fifty years. I can’t tell you what kind of problems people who are missing teeth have to deal with. Something that I don’t think anybody wants to know. In the past, people had no choice but to go into uncomfortable dentures or different kinds of fixed bridges and sometimes they just left the teeth--spaces unfilled. For people, sometimes this is a very difficult thing, both functionally and cosmetically. I’m sure you’ve heard over the years of many people who really got depressed, especially in the past, because of these problems. Dental implants now, the most advanced technology of replacing teeth. And it works beautifully because it actually imitates how natural teeth work. We basically can take a missing tooth place and replace it with what seems to be a very natural replacement, first with the root, which is the implant itself, the implant - -. And then on top of that we put a crown and the result is a very natural, functional and aesthetic result. When patients come in for dental implant work with missing teeth, they don’t smile. It shows on their face. They are maybe a little depressed. It affects everything about their lives. It affects their work. It affects, again, their smiles. It is unacceptable today to have missing teeth.

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