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At his New York dentistry practices, located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Dr. Benjamin performs everything from routine cleanings to porcelain veneers in a warm, comfortable environment.

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MALE VOICE: This may look like just another New York City dental office, but to those who work here, it’s anything but. DR. BENJAMIN: I like to feel that this is my home and I like to make sure that everybody else who comes in here, or who works in here, feels that this is a home. LANA SHUSTER: This office is one big family. That’s it. It’s one big friendly family. MALE VOICE: Dr. Maurice Benjamin has two offices--one here in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. He considers both offices a one stop shop for patients in need of dental work of all kinds, from teeth whitening, routine cleanings and root canals, to the more specialized procedures like veneers, Invisalign, and dental implants. DR. BENJAMIN: So in every office we cover a whole spectrum of procedures, making sure that the patient doesn’t have to go in many situations outside the office to get the work needed. MALE VOICE: For those who live and work in and around Manhattan, that is a big deal. MARC SCHMOOL: I do it on my lunch hour. I’m in, I’m out, you know, and I’m back in my office before my lunch is done. It works great for me. MALE VOICE: It also works great for Mark’s entire family, who lives in Brooklyn. MARC SCHMOOL: My mother needed an implant. Done. He took care of the paperwork. My wife needed a root canal. Done. My kids come in regularly, cavities, cleanings. I come in regularly, you know, cavities, cleanings. It’s the easiest thing. MALE VOICE: The reason Dr. Benjamin can offer so many different procedures is because of the many talented people he has surrounded himself with. He has a team that consists of skilled dental hygienists, general dentists, a prostodontist, who is specially trained for cosmetic dentistry procedures like crowns and bridges. There is even a root canal specialist on hand who often does more root canals in one day than some general dentists do in an entire month. DR. MELISSA DAVIS: I come in specifically to do all of Dr. Benjamin’s root canals. If he has any complicated cases I’m there to help. MALE VOICE: That desire to help patients is contagious in this dental office. MESHANA ALVES: It’s one of the best feelings in the world knowing that you’re helping someone else. DR. STATE: When you see people leaving with a smile on their face, that’s the most gratifying thing. MALE VOICE: Dr. Benjamin and his staff stay current with all the latest advances in dentistry. Dental technology and equipment have evolved and so too has Dr. Benjamin’s practice. DR. BENJAMIN: The changes in technology is amazing. We make sure in this office that we keep in line with the latest technologies available. All it does, it just makes our work easier for the patient, much more comfortable and much faster. MALE VOICE: That technology combined with this team’s genuine warm and helpful approach to good oral health are two of the main reasons why so many patients keep coming back year after year. It’s a formula for success that allows patients to leave any dental fears that they may have had behind and trust that when it comes to their mouth they’re in good hands with Dr. Benjamin. CONNIE SCHOENBERG: One of the finest qualities that he has is his honesty and his warmth, which just extends everywhere. DR. GREGORY BEMIS: His leadership and the fatherhood role as a dentist here has really made a family atmosphere in this office that I think extends to patients too and I think that allows patients to feel comfortable when they come here. MS. KRIS: He has an amazing personality and he definitely knows his job and he definitely knows what he’s doing and it’s a pleasure coming to his office and being treated by him. DR. BENJAMIN: The final result is people being happy about it and saying that was well worth it. That’s really my--the most gratifying part.

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