For patients who would like to quickly and dramatically whiten their teeth, Dr. Maurice Benjamin, DDS, offers in-office teeth whitening treatments at our Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York, offices. This whitening option can brighten smiles by six shades or more, in one simple treatment. In-office whitening can be a great option for patients who struggle with stubborn discoloration and need to look their best quickly. Our in-office procedure produces results almost immediately and is a much safer option than whitening kits that are available in stores. Following your whitening session, Dr. Benjamin can provide touch-up treatments to help you maintain your beautiful smile. 

The In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

Before your in-office whitening procedure, Dr. Benjamin will perform a thorough dental cleaning. When you are ready to begin treatment, he will isolate your teeth by placing a protective barrier over your gums. Dr. Benjamin will apply a peroxide-based whitening gel to your teeth. Our professional strength bleaching agent is activated by a specialized dental light that causes oxygen molecules to break apart stubborn stains on the teeth. After about 15 minutes, Dr. Benjamin will remove the gel and apply a new layer. Typically, he will repeat this process once more to achieve the desired results. If you have particularly severe stains, he may recommend multiple rounds of whitening.

Are You a Candidate for In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening can significantly reduce extrinsic discoloration. These types of stains, located on the surface enamel of your teeth, usually appear because of dark-colored foods and drinks. In other cases, smoking, age, genetics, and certain environmental factors can also lead to extrinsic stains.

In-office whitening can typically lighten your smile in an hour or less. Other bleaching treatments may require repeated sessions over a two week period before you can see results.

Internal stains often result from infection, medications, or a discolored filling. For this type of discoloration, whitening is not an appropriate solution. Instead, Dr. Benjamin may recommend an alternative treatment, such as porcelain veneers or crowns.

In-Office Care Compared to Other Whitening Methods

In-office whitening offers several benefits over other forms of bleaching, including:

  • Near-Instant Results: In-office whitening can typically lighten your smile in an hour or less. Other bleaching treatments may require repeated sessions over a two week period before you can see results.
  • Dentist Supervised: Dr. Benjamin will be able to oversee your treatment, allowing him to minimize the already low risks of teeth whitening.
  • Safety: Some over-the-counter whitening products contain high levels of peroxide, which can damage your teeth and gums. 

How to Maintain Your Results after Treatment

Teeth whitening treatments can provide stunning results, but they can not protect against stains from developing in the future. Fortunately, with regular touch-ups, you can prevent further discoloration and maintain your stunning results. Additionally, you can minimize discoloration by cutting back on stain-producing foods and drinks. These items include wine, coffee, tea, tomato sauce, and berries, and other items with a strong color profile.

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